Why it Works

To help you grow, we focus on ‘learning that sticks’.

We don’t promise quick fixes. Because, as you already know, quick fixes seldom work long term.

Instead, we promise to help you ‘fix it right the first time’ if you want to.

So, if you’ve already tried the open seminar, the webinar, the team building exercise, the sales training, the motivational speaker, or the company offsite that got bogged down and didn’t produce long-term results and was forgotten after a few weeks – and you’d like to understand why it didn’t work and how to fix it  – we might be right for you.

That’s because we will work with you to get better clarity as to the ‘cause’ of what is getting in the way of personal or business growth so that you can change things consciously for good.

Everything we do is anchored in ‘causal-based learning’ which is very different from ‘behavior-based learning’.

The difference is critical.

Behavior based learning simply focuses on getting someone to change their behavior, assuming that if they do this, it will fix the ‘problem’. But, it won’t. As you know, the ‘problem’ usually doesn’t get fixed at all or doesn’t stay fixed for long – because the change wasn’t properly anchored.

Instead, causal-based learning is anchored in and focuses on the cause of the behavior, which results in greater clarity and longer-lasting, usually permanent, results.

Here’s why focusing on ’cause’ helps…

Although most people already have the skills they need to grow and succeed, they are often ‘unconscious’ of which of these skills they are using in different circumstances. In other words, they aren’t aware of the specific skills they are using in such areas as communication, sales, managing, teamwork or even in ‘getting along with others’.

This means they are being successful by default and not by design. This often manifests as behavior that ‘works’ sometimes and doesn’t ‘work’ other times – and they don’t know why.

Unfortunately, this can result in both sub-optimal performance and results. It’s like leaving money on the table.

If you focus on cause, you can make sure things work every time – by raising these skills to the conscious level and using tools which result in enhanced clarity and understanding. This gets you to consistently maintained or improved performance and results.

Most important, our approach is never about making anyone wrong. Instead, it’s about helping people to gain clarity and understanding so that they can move forward and grow, while feeling empowered to do so.

That’s why our guiding principle is that Cause leads to Clarity and Clarity leads to Growth.

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