What We Do

We help business organizations move to their next phase of evolutionary growth (either organically or through other means such as M&A).  

And we help individuals move to their next phase of professional and personal growth.

We are often told that our help is most noticeable on the ‘people’ side of business because of the visible ‘breakthroughs’ in awareness and performance achieved by managers, employees, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and others.

At the organization level, our focus is usually very specific.

It might consist of focusing on the organization at large from a strategic point of view or focusing on operational considerations. Or, it can get very granular, right down to redoing an organization structure, conducting talent audits, team building workshops, helping improve “self-management” skills among employees, or even rewriting and improving job descriptions.

For individuals, we might focus on helping them grow as a professional, including in their current function (their job description) or we might help with their natural progression to their next level of authority or responsibility – in other words career pathing or succession planning such as being groomed for another position, getting the skills necessary to optimize a promotion, etc.

We have well-documented success in helping leaders and managers become better at what they do, all the way from the “C” level (CEO, CFO, CTO, etc.) right down to the shop floor.

Our help often includes improving:  sales, communication, personal performance (manager and employee), team dynamics, and corporate growth. We specialize in the categories below.

Strategy and Vision

Management and Leadership


Sales and Sales Management

Operational Effectiveness

Organizational Development

Customer Service

That’s what we do.

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In addition, because of John’s (forty year) background in Marketing and Research (he is a recognized expert in both of these fields) we often, when asked, get involved in helping with or even managing our client’s marketing initiatives in order to help them grow the business. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing plan development, implementation, monitoring and coaching
  • Overall Brand Strategy development
  • Brand Details (including Brand Pyramid) and Creative Development (includes positioning, tag lines, logo, etc.)
  • Media plan development, implementation and monitoring
  • Overall advertising media review, analysis, design, development, implementation, management and maintenance (website, business cards, signage etc.)