Three Filters. How to Improve Clarity and Agreement with Others

“I just don’t see things the same way you do”.

What’s your reaction when you hear this – especially from someone you have to work with?

Do you get defensive? Argue? Just agree with them, even if you don’t really agree?

And, do you sometimes wonder about why you don’t see things the same way as someone else?

Do you wonder about the cause?

If you do, you might be surprised that one of the many causes that we don’t see things the same way as others is because of the way we “filter” the world.

Here’s how 3 of these many filters work.

They are:

  1. Experience
  2. Intuition
  3. Intellect

And, depending on which filter we use, each of them gives us very different views of a situation or subject.

The simplest way to know which filter a person is using is to listen to their words.

Here’s what it sounds like:

“My experience tells me that…..” – The Experiential Filter

“My gut tells me…..” – The Intuitive Filter

“Logically, that makes sense to me” – The Intellectual Filter

So, if you are viewing something from your Experiential Filter and someone else is using their Intuitive Filter, there is potential for disagreement or misunderstanding.

That’s because people often disagree with each other – not based on what the other person is actually saying or even the conclusion they came to – but, rather, because of the different filters through which they are viewing the situation or issue.

So, to help reduce disagreement and to get greater clarity, consensus or agreement, it can be helpful to shift filters.

If someone is viewing an issue through one particular filter, you might suggest they look at the same situation through the other two filters.

Here’s one example:

“Jennifer, it sounds like you’re looking at this situation based on your experience. If you wouldn’t mind I’d also be interested in your ‘intuitive’ and your ‘logical’ views of the situation.”

As you enhance your understanding of how people unconsciously use these 3 filters, it may help you get greater clarity and agreement with others.