The Holidays’ Emotional Roller Coaster

The holiday season can often trigger a roller coaster ride of emotions.

For some, this time of year represents a time of great joy, family togetherness, re-connection, sharing, giving, happiness, and wonderful memories.

For others, it’s a time of great pain, sadness, depression, loneliness, isolation and not-so-nice memories.

That’s because, as human beings, we are a complicated species whose emotions give us both ups and downs – including an enhanced life experience and reality, as well as a tendency to quickly judge others – not always fairly or with kindness.

That’s why the holidays can be a roller coaster.

If you’re not comfortable with the ride, it might help to be gentle on yourself – to forgive yourself for the ups and downs.

And, in the spirit of the holidays, all of us might try to be more accepting about how others deal with this emotionally volatile time of year.