Everyone Is a Salesperson But May Not Know It

When most people hear the word “salesperson” it usually reminds them of a negative experience they or someone else has had.

Often, this negative view is warranted because the sales person behaved inappropriately by trying to “sell” them something.

People don’t like to be “sold”. In fact, they hate to be “sold”.

As a consequence, anytime someone concludes that they are being manipulated to do something that is not in their best interests, it results in a negative experience for them.  Often, they’ve had this kind of negative experience with a salesperson at one time or another, which is why sales people get such a bad name.

However, people love to “buy”.

Really good salespeople know this. The people they serve never feel manipulated or “sold”. Instead, they feel served, supported, and understood.

Most people have a lot in common with a good salesperson. Here’s why…

Every time you get someone to agree with your opinion, to see what it is that you see, or support you in something that you need their support with, you have helped them “buy” something – which means you are behaving like an effective salesperson.

This even extends to your personal life. If you  are in relationship with a significant other and they are still with you, you are doing a heck of a selling job – because they are still “buying”!

That’s why everyone is a salesperson and may not know it.