Decision Making Simplified

Most of us make decisions hundreds of times a day.

Although some are easy and some are difficult, the truth is that the decision making process that goes on in our heads follows the same principles for all of us.

Let’s break this down.

There are only three kinds of decisions that we ever make. They are:

1. Interim

2. Adaptive

3. Corrective

Every decision that you make in your life falls under one of these three types of decisions.

And, each one of these 3 decisions gives us something different.

1. Interim decisions – “Buy us Time”.

2. Adaptive decisions – Means we are going to “live with it”.

3. Corrective decisions – Means it gets “fixed for good”.

To become a better decision maker, decide which of the 3 types is the best decision you need to make to give you the most favorable outcome on the subject and circumstance you find yourself in.

Are you ‘buying time’, ‘living with it’ or ‘fixing it for good’?

In certain instances, the situation may demand you use a combination of all three types of decisions to get what you want.