How to Increase the Likelihood of Having Your Expectations Met – The Time Trap 

If you have an expectation of someone or something, it probably means you think or hope that “what you expect” will happen sometime in the future. That’s because expectations are future focused – whether it be a minute from now or 3 years from now. In other words, they haven’t happened yet but you think… Continue Reading

4 Guidelines on How to Survive The Mergers & Acquisitions’ Train Wreck

There are more mergers and acquisitions (M&As) taking place now than ever before. For employees, this is often not good news. That’s because a lot of things can go wrong during an M&A. But there is a way to avoid this and create a healthier experience for those involved – by following some important guidelines…. Continue Reading

3 Things Pioneers and Leaders Have In Common

Pioneers like Einstein, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Gloria Steinem, and even the Beatles have a lot in common with leaders. Specifically, these 3 things. They are… 1. Visionaries. They see things before other people do. 2. Misunderstood. They are often misunderstood because they see things before other people. 3. Lonely. It can be… Continue Reading

Have You Really Got a Problem?

When any of us says, “I’ve got a problem”, we might not really have one. And, if we do have a problem, it’s usually not for the reason most people think. Here’s why… It starts with the definition of a problem. A “problem” is the difference between what you’ve got and what you want – and… Continue Reading

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is To Create It

As you jump into 2014, you’re probably thinking about your future. Even though you might be optimistic, you may have a few concerns about what could happen. Here’s how to take charge of your future and turn it into reality. Try this mantra… Visualize to actualize. This gets it going (starts the behavior) Ritualize to… Continue Reading