7 Critical Factors for Sustained Sales Success

If you want to be a consistently successful sales professional, you can learn a lot from those who continually experience sustained success in their careers. Specifically, they agree that just 7 factors make the biggest difference. They are… A sense of urgency Persistence Self discipline and control Planning Never assuming anything Activity-Activity-Activity Follow-up All 7… Continue Reading

“No Respect”: 3 Factors Influencing Why IT Often Doesn’t Get Respect Within the Corporation – and What to Do About It

What’s up with the Information Technology (IT) department in most companies? Even though they provide a valuable service, they often face challenges in getting the appropriate recognition and respect for their efforts and contributions, in the past or in the present. To understand this better – and to do something about it – it helps… Continue Reading

Five Tips on How To Reply To An Email Effectively In Business

There are lots of blogs (including ours) that focus on how to Write an effective email. However, it’s just as important to effectively Reply to an email. Here are some tips about how to reply, based on our experience and on Best Practices: Use “Reply All” appropriately Determine urgency Update the subject line Remember intent Be specific… Continue Reading

Nine Tips on How To Write An Effective Email In Business

Have you ever had an email “blow up” on you? Or, have you seen one “blow up” on someone else? Was it misunderstood, generating negative feedback, necessitating follow-up emails, and even lengthy phone calls trying to “fix” things? If the answer is “yes”, the tips below might prevent this from happening again or at least,… Continue Reading

How to Get Two More Productive Hours at Work Everyday With One Simple (Surprising) Strategy

In our previous blogs we focused on how unmanaged email can affect your work life negatively. And, we focused on how the telephone is more effective than email in communicating your message effectively. However, email is a fact of life in business, so if you must use it, it’s important to use and manage it… Continue Reading

The #1 Reason Why the Phone is More Effective than Email

Email hasn’t helped improve communication in the workplace. In many cases, it’s made things worse. And, many managers are wondering how to fix this. Here’s a suggestion…

How Email Might Be Hurting Your Business

Email is not communication. Instead, it is rapidly facilitating the erosion and breakdown of effective communication. Especially within larger companies. Here’s why. The technology is seductive. Because it is so easy to use and so immediate, it has seduced us into thinking that when we email someone, we’re actually communicating with them. Which is not… Continue Reading

The Power of Proactive Thinking

How many times do we hear the words, “Think before you act”? Why does it even matter? What’s the value in thinking before acting? The answer is simple and powerful… If you think things through before you do something, you are much more likely to get the results or outcomes that you want more often. If… Continue Reading

Communication Breakdown – “What’s Your Intent?”

Why does communication break down? What’s the cause? When communication breaks down, probably over 95% of the cause is the “misinterpretation of intent”. And this misinterpretation usually happens because one person has trouble understanding (and/or contexting) someone else’s behavior. Here’s what this sounds like… “Why did Kelly do that?”. “What was the purpose of Justin doing that.” “I… Continue Reading

3 Action Steps to Keep Your Customers

Research continues to show that more than 2 out of 3 customers leave because of “indifference” on the part of the sales person or the company that’s providing the service or product. This is a huge number! And, there’s a simple solution to prevent this from happening to you or your company. All you have… Continue Reading