Alec Baldwin and The Skill of Versatility

Alec Baldwin is in the news a lot. Most recently for his arrest after allegedly ‘trash talking’ a NY police officer trying to give him a summons.

Do you ever wonder what’s going on with Alec? Why he often behaves the way he does in public?

Sometimes, he says it’s because that’s just the way he is. But, is it?

After all, we know he can behave differently.

As an actor, we’ve seen him as a kind father, a rascally husband, a mobster, a lover, a brain surgeon, and almost everything in between.

In other words, he can behave many different ways convincingly, if he wants to. All  he has to do is decide to be versatile. Just change the way he behaves.

But, when he’s in public, he often chooses to be confrontational, belligerent and angry.

What’s going on here? Why does he do this?

The reason is simple. He gets what he wants with his public behavior. He doesn’t have to be versatile. One can only conclude that he finds this rewarding at some level.

He will only change this behavior when the punishing consequences for his behavior outweigh the rewards.

Alec Baldwin is a case study in the skill of versatility or the lack thereof. Like all of us, he can choose to behave many different ways to get what he wants.

Although he has raised the skill of versatility to the “conscious” level as an actor, he clearly chooses not to do so in his public life.

This might explain why he isn’t getting what he wants as often as he’d like – or is he?