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John Parikhal and Philippe Denichaud have worked together for over 30 years with a focus on the application of practical business strategies that really work.

With a shared interest in growth, business, and human perceptions, they have helped companies around the world to survive, re-invent, grow and profit.

Among their many successes, they helped engineer the creative and organizational re-invention of Viacom’s VH1. Current clients include a diverse portfolio ranging from multi-national banks and manufacturing companies to software development and media companies.

Philippe is the President of Denichaud Consulting Group and the founding partner of Breakthrough Management. He has consulted internationally to businesses across many industries, positively impacting organizations from the President down to those on the shop floor. His educational background is Commerce, Finance and Industrial Psychology. He is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

Although John might be better known as an expert on trends and consumer insights, his focus on management started early and kept growing. After earning a degree in Economics and Business, he focused his post-graduate education on a deeper understanding of human behavior. He has consulted for clients around the world over the past 35 years.

John says, “Peter Drucker and Philippe are my biggest management influences. From them, I learned how to apply practical strategies to help businesses survive and grow. I learned how to make a real difference in business growth and, most important, how to apply business skills effectively.”

Both Philippe and John have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a driven commitment to continually grow at a personal and professional level. When coupled with their vast business experience, it has ideally equipped them to be among the top specialists who have the skills to convert theory into practical business strategies that really work.