3 More Things Men Can Learn From Women in Business

Men need to start paying even more attention to women. Here’s why…

Nearly 50% of all medical students are women. Nearly 60% of biology degrees are awarded to women, including graduate degrees. And, nearly 50% of all people in law school are women. In other words, male dominated industries have changed forever.

What’s going on here? What does this mean?

It means that men need to understand what women are better at than men. And, what they can learn from them.

Specifically, women …

1. Are more collaborative. They share power more easily than men. Which means that people who work for women feel more supported, valued, and cared for.

2. Work harder and longer. Because women have an unequal position in business, they conclude that they have to work harder and longer to be perceived as equal to men.

3. Are more committed. This means they are generally considered more reliable, dependable, and sensitive to deadlines.

Because the gender balance in business continues to shift to a more equal business society, it’s important for men to notice that the norms in business continue to shift – which means that for men to stay competitive, they will have to become better at what women are currently demonstrating that they are better at in the business arena.

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