3 Elements of Effective Communication

Here is a simple and powerful way to communicate effectively.

All you have to do is focus on the 3 major elements of effective communications. They are…

1. Set a communication goal.

2. Set “points of agreement” and “discussion boundaries”.

3. Agree that you reached the goal.

Here are the details…

1. A ‘Communication’ Goal. You have to be clear about it.

A “communication” goal might be something like this, “We need to resolve how we’re going to have this project come in on time and on budget, because right now, one of them is not going to happen”.

2. Points of Agreement and Discussion Boundaries. You have to have ‘points of agreement’ and ‘discussion boundaries’ along the way to ensure that you stay on track to get to the goal – and don’t get off point.

A ‘discussion boundary’ might look like this … “We’ve already discussed this and agreed to it. Why are we discussing it again?” OR … “That’s a very important point and it needs to be discussed, but it has nothing to do with helping this project being on time and on budget. Let’s stay on track and get to that point after this is done.”

3. Agreement. Both parties communicating have to agree that the ‘communication’ goal has been reached.

The goal has been reached if both parties agree that there is nothing more to discuss on this subject at this time.