3 Critical Things That Men Can Learn from Women in Business

There’s so much men can learn from women that would make them more effective in business.

Here are just 3 important things that women have demonstrated they are better at than men…

1. They are willing to share power. This makes delegation much easier which implies and demonstrates trust.

2. They are willing to ask for help. This means that they are readily comfortable with admitting that they cannot do things alone. By asking for help, they immediately engage the team and behave like they are part of it.

Compare this to the stereotypical male who resists asking for help when lost while the woman continually asks, “why don’t you just stop and ask for directions?”

3. They are better listeners. This means that the person they are interacting with feels listened to, heard, and supported – which leads to faster comfort and ultimately trust.

Research supports this thesis because over 90% of cross-conversations started by women are interrupted by men.

The fascinating part is that when men are asked or directed to share power, ask for help, or take a listening role when people are talking – they often feel disempowered.

When women do this, they usually feel empowered.